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Great Promotion!

October 3, 2007

*********** :::: SOLAT :::: ***********


All you need for the gold-standard daily heart cleanser.


Completely FREE!!!


Gently cleans for soft and refreshed heart! This unique daily cleanser is formulated to effectively removes black spots and impurities from your heart that can block An-Nur and lead to breakouts.


Experience the richness of SOLAT that cleans deep down to the bottom of your heart and rinses without overdrying or exhausting, leaving your heart feeling purified and refreshed!



water for wudhu, clothes for aurat cover, clean ground.


Unlimited promotion:

Comes in a pack of 5 (minimum). Exclusive smaller pack of 3 is available; great for travel.


Recommended Use:

For best results, do not hasten & be perfectly calm during application.


* Please see the Quran, Hadith & Fiqh book for Manufacturer’s directions for use.

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    August 4, 2010 8:50 am


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